Parts of the house date back to the 1700’s

Butler’s House sits on the 17th century site of Butler’s Estate.  Indentured servant Colonel Thomas Butler was the Estate’s first recorded owner of the property which once comprised 500 acres and included a thriving sugar mill.

Based on the key stone over the carriage house door, the house or just that part was built in 1867.  It is highly likely that parts of the house date back to the 1700’s.  Butler’s House has had several occupants over the years, including the Maynards, the Wildys, the Evelyns – who own successful businesses on the island – and the Taylors.  During Mr. Wildy’s occupancy, Butler’s then second storey was a dancehall.

Butlers Ruin.jpg

Artefacts discovered

There are at least two ruins on the 6 acres that Butler’s House occupies. One, a kitchen ruin, has been partially excavated, revealing at least 4 rooms. The other appears to be a single room only. Foundations are dotted around the property. The discovered Artefacts are awaiting expert identification.

Butlers Pool.jpg

Owner Tim Cornes (and his late wife Diane) bought the property in 2005, renovating the historic house under the skilful eyes of local builders Mr. Noral Lescott and son Dennis. The gardens were also re-invented by award winning English landscape designers Julie Toll and Ian Kitson, whilst Nevisian landscaper Stedroy Wilkinson, formerly of the Four Seasons Resort, implemented the design.

You may run into a family of green monkeys


Spend your days lounging by the 35 foot pool while gazing out into the sea or take a stroll through the extensive gardens.  You may discover an artefact or even run into a family of green monkeys.

Meet our friend, neighbour and vegetable gardener Rodwick Griffiths who has generations-old recipes on both medicinal and culinary uses of the vegetation.  His sister Mrs. Bernice Eaton, a gem in the crown of Nevis, will stop by at least twice a week to tidy the House and Cottage.

Ran out of something?  Take a walk to the local shop called Dominos College.  The inspiration for the Jimmy Buffett song of the same name, Dominos College not only has the basics but also plays host to many an exciting domino match.