Probably the happiest animals in the world

We love to walk around the peaceful countryside that surrounds Butler's House, it's such a simple way to capture the essence of Nevis, of relaxed island life and of Butler’s House. You may even stumble across neighbouring Butler’s Farm - where contented goats and donkeys graze and laze at the foot of Butler’s Mountain whilst happy cows play in the cooling breezes of the ocean. What more could you wish for?

Fresh Butler's Coconuts

Fresh Butler's Coconuts.jpg

With over 6 acres of green, green estate grounds surrounding Butler's House & Cottage, there's no shortage of culinary treats in store. One of our seasonal favourites are Coconuts, they're used everywhere on Nevis, from sweet and savoury dishes to local cocktails. Nothing quite beats drinking the fresh milk straight from the shell however, and if you ask nicely, Franklin; one of our gardeners, is a dab hand at opening them too.